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    Stata is a complete and integrated software package used for general purpose in statistics. It was developed by StataCorp in 1985. It is used mostly by users in the field of research, sociology, political science, medicine, and epidemiology. Stata has both a point-and-click interfaceand powerful command syntax. It is preferred by its users to other statistical tools because of its fast, accurate and ease of use nature. Stata provides a platform for the user to perform the following statistical analysis;
    • ARIMA-ARIMA methodology is popular under SAS because of ARIMA models. These models are popularly used by data analysts to capture a suite of different standard temporal structures in time series data.
    • ANOVA and MANOVA
    • Linear Regression
    • Time series smoothers
    • Choice modelling
    • Sample selection
    • Finite mixture model
    • Bayesian Analysis

    Stata is cross-platform compatible and can run on Windows, Mac and Linux. SAS is a versatile software application with well-built functions and commands. With its friendly environment, you can carry out any task testing on Full Time –binary with fewer complications It offers the following data management capabilities to its users;

    • Stata allows an easy and straight forward creation of variables and sub-setting data.
    • The users can learn coding quickly because syntax is provided
    • Users can share complex coding syntax

    Using Stata can sometimes prove to be difficult because of the challenging complex programming involved. Stata’s documentation is sparse and does not provide full details. According to our internal survey, we have realized that heteroskedasticity estimation, melin convolution and data manipulation are the most sought after topics in our platform. We have deduced that these areas are exhaustive and time-consuming for any typical student. Students are always left frustrated especially when they are dealing with large data sets. They are forced to look for experts to help them use Stata for their data analysis.

    We have hired a team of highly qualified professionals to help students with their assignments on Stata. Our tutors are very experienced and have helped many students across the world with their assignments. They are holders of PhD and Master Degree and are well versed with all the topics related to statistics.

    Our Stata assignment help service provides the high quality detailed solutions to all statistics assignments. Are you worried that you are stuck in the middle with your bivariate regression question? Oh, no! You can sit back and relax as we carry your assignment burden with no disappointments. We are available 24/7 and students can get in touch with us via email or live chat. We are way ahead of other online writing companies because;

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    Stata Homework Help

    Stata is a statistical software that allows the user to manipulate all types of data. The user can change the data, control the variable and integrate data sets. It provides tools for users to perform estimations using the following phenomena;

    • Truncation- Stata has a Truncreg tool used to perform truncated linear regression
    • Censoring- The Tobit and Intreg commands are available to users for censoring linear regression

    Stata is very useful in data management and statistics. It is comprehensively designed to generate powerful intuitive syntax. Many fields of studies like Commerce employ Stata in their various statistical analyses to help their managers forecast and make pragmatic decisions. For instance, Stata has become highly applicable in the medical field under clinical trial evaluation. Stata is used to analyze the subgroups of health groups using a test of interaction.

    We provide assistance to students having trouble with their Stata homework. We cover topics such as;

    • Basic tabulations
    • Survey sample collection and complex analysis
    • Data regression dynamic panel
    • MANOVA and ANOVA
    • Survival models
    • Cluster and regression analysis

    Our Stata homework help platform has a team of experienced and highly qualified tutors all willing to assist you with your assignment. ‘Am worried that I can’t see ‘construct and correlate data’ topic in the slot above’. Oh, no! You don’t have to worry. At statistics assignment helper, we offer full coverage on all examinable topics under Stata. They provide exclusive assignment writing solutions to students all across the world. Whether you are in high school, college, a postgraduate or a researcher, you will get your solution here. All the client has to do is click the submit button on our homepage and get their homework delivered at the stipulated time.

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    Anova Homework Help in Stata

    Analysis of Variance is a test used to conduct analysis on various types of factors that affect a data set. It can be used to determine if a relationship exist between two or more groups. It is mostly used when a statistical software is not available and computing needs to be done by hand.

    The following four assumptions are made when using ANOVA;

    • The errors are expected to generate zero values
    • The errors have equal variances
    • The errors are independent
    • There is normal distribution of errors

    There are two main types of Analysis of variance;

    • One-way ANOVA- It is also known as unidirectional. It only allows for one independent variable. It is used to determine the similarity of the samples and the impact of a factor on the independent variable.
    • Two-way ANOVA- It is an extension of the One-way ANOVA. It has two independent variables. It is used by researchers to observe the interaction between the two factors and their effects at the same time.

    Are you struggling with your ANOVA assignment? Do you want to learn more about ANOVA? We provide detailed and precise solutions to students’ research paper writing, term papers, research critique or case studies. We have hired a team of highly qualified tutors to help you get a detailed solution of your homework. Our Tutors are holders of PhD and Degrees from top class recognized universities across the world. We are available24/7; students can quickly upload their assignment on our website and get it done before the due date. In case of queries, students can engage our customer care team on email or live chat and get an instant response.

    We are passionate about helping students score high grades in their assignments. Whether you are dealing with the most straightforward issues under ANOVA such as correlation coefficients nothing should block you from availing our services. Here we can help you with anything and everything to see you soar high. You should choose us because we meet all our deadlines, deliver high quality assignments free from plagiarism and our rates are very pocket friendly. You should take advantage of this convenient service and get your stress on assignments relieved.

    Chi Square Homework Help in Stata

    Chi square is a statistical tool that is used to measure how expectations compare to actual results. It is used to determine the discrepancies that exist between expected results and actual results. A chi square performs two different kinds of non-parametric test; test of independence- Which tests for relationships, and the goodness of fit test. If you are keen in your chi-square lectures, you must have heard your professor mentioning bivariate correlation frequently. In this area, you are supposed to comprehend how to use chi-square to summarize the difference of frequencies against the frequencies you expect to see if there was no relationship between the variables.

    Chi square requires a researcher to perform a statistical significance test. This test is used to determine if the results of the experiment occur randomly or by chance. For a Chi square test of goodness of fit to be valid, the following conditions must be met:

    • The observations on the sample should be independent
    • The constraints on the cell frequencies should be linear
    • No theoretical frequency should be less than 5
    • The total frequency should be reasonably large, say greater than 50

    A Chi square distribution has the following important applications;

    • Chi square test of goodness of fit
    • Chi square test for independent attributes
    • Chi square test as a test of homogeneity.

    We provide Chi square assignment help in all topics related to Chi square on Stata. We have hired a team of experts who are well versed with topics in Chi square such as;

    • Exact sampling distributions
    • Cumulant generating function
    • Chi square probability curve
    • Derivation of the Chi square distribution
    • Moment generating function of distribution
    • Linear transformation etc.

    Our online statistics platform provides the best assistance for your statistics assignments. Our tutors are highly qualified and have helped many students realise their dreams of passing in their assignments. Some of our tutors are lecturers and they know the fundamentals of a great assignment.

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    Hypothesis Testing Homework Help in Stata

    Hypothesis testing is a statistical tool that computes tests on two data sets and compares it to a critical value. The null hypothesis assumes that no relationship exist between the two variables. The alternative hypothesis assumes that there is a relationship between the two variables. To conduct a hypothesis testing, the researcher should;

    • Figure out what their null hypothesis is
    • State the null hypothesis
    • Decide on which kind of test they want to perform
    • Either accept or reject the null hypothesis

    The P value in hypothesis testing represents the probability of a given event occurring. A smaller P value would mean that a stronger evidence exist in the favour of a hypothesis testing. It is calculated using tables or a statistical software. A type error occurs when a null hypothesis is rejected although it is true. It is also referred to as the false positive and it accepts the alternative hypothesis which is despite it being attributed to chance. Having that in mind, one key aspect you should expect to be tested under hypothesis testing is on concurrent validity coefficient. For you to crack any question, you are supposed to be adept on how to compare concurrently two datasets at the same line against critical value. A z-test is a type of hypothesis test which follows normal distribution.

    Students can find hypothesis testing very complicated and confusing because it requires in depth knowledge and calculations. Are you stuck with your critical value hypothesis test assignment paper? Don’t fret this is natural to many statistics scholars Our Hypothesis assignment help platform seeks to eliminate that confusion. We know that assignments require 100% accuracy in order to get the right results, which is why we have employed the best tutors to help you complete your project and score high grades.

    Our experts are efficient and credible; they are holders of degrees and PhD from top universities across the world. They have amassed years of experience in tutoring students in topics related to hypothesis testing such as;

    • Decision Rulet-test
    • Type Error
    • Statistical hypothesis testing
    • Parametric statistics
    • One-sided tests
    • ANOVA
    • Probability
    • Confidence intervals

    We are available round the clock and with us you are assured of:

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    Statistics Homework Help in Stata

    Statistics is an advanced form of mathematics that involves data collection, analysis, interpretation of results and presentation. A lot of formulas and software are always put in use to help with calculations. The right formula or software should always be used to ensure that the results are accurate. Multiple concepts and topics in statistics are always interrelated and students are always left confused. Topics such estimated regression equation, discrete random variable representation are just a mention of troubling questions under statistics. However, don’t allow the assignment confusions affect your scores. At statistics assignment helper we can clear all those confusions with no hesitation

    The statistics instructors in school always give out many assignments and homework to help the students understand and grasp the concepts. Students of statistics usually have very little time to carry out other activities. They are always in the library studying and trying to finish their assignments before they are due. A need for statistical experts has arisen to help break down complex concepts and present them in a simple and understandable manner.

    Our Statistics homework help service is dedicated to providing ideal assistance to students with their assignments. Students can now heave a sigh of relief because we are taking the Statistics assignment monkey of their back. We have a team of highly qualified tutors who are well educated on statistics coursework. They will help you solve all your statistics assignment questions in topics such as;

    • Descriptive statistics
    • Probability and statistics
    • Non-parametric statistics
    • Chi square tests

    You should choose us to write your assignment because;

    • We are customer focussed- We will write your assignment according to the specifications you have provided.
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    • 24/7 customer service

    Our passion and desire for excellence has inspired confidence and trust of our clients on us. We always aspire for perfection and assure excellent grades to our students.

    Inferential Statistics Assignment Help on Stata

    Inferential statistics is a tool used to draw conclusions that extend beyond the immediate data . It is used to infer judgements on a sample of data to find out if the differences observed between groups are dependable ones or happened by chance. In most cases‘ conduct appropriate statistical tests‘ is a common question under inferential statistics. Here you are required to use measurements of sample objects to make generalizations on larger objects using statistical analyses Descriptive statistics on the other hand describes to the researcher what is going on in the data. The examples of inferential statistics include;

    • Analysis Of Variance
    • Analysis Of Covariance
    • Factor Analysis
    • Regression Analysis
    • Cluster Analysis
    • Discriminant functions
    • Multidimensional Scaling

    We offer assistance with all these topics related to inferential statistics assignment. Maybe you are worried that you don’t know how to make correct inferences on foreign exchange problem set. We have good news for you. Worry no more! Students always have a problem of drawing the correct inferences from a given data. Our inferential statistics assignment help platform uses a step by step approach to help students to understand how analysis has to be done. We also give them a detailed explanation of where the process starts and where it ends. This helps the student to go beyond the basics, take the subject beyond the normal range and realise their full potential.

    We have hired a team of professionals, who are holders of top-notch degrees to provide quality assignments solutions. Our tutors are highly experienced and have helped many students score high grades in their assignments. They will help you understand the manner in which the inferences are to be made and the techniques to be used in in making the hypothesis.

    We are available round the clock and clients can engage us via live chat or email. We are driven by the desire of answering all questions correctly and giving our customers complete satisfaction. With us, the student is assured of;

    • On time content delivery
    • Affordable rates
    • Error-free content that is in line with the demands of the assignment.

    Sampling Assignment Help on Stata

    Sampling is a statistical tool used in collecting information from representatives of a target population and using that information to judge the entire population. The following are the methods of sampling that are commonly used;

    • Purposive sampling- This is a type of sampling where sample units are selected with definite purpose view. This method is greatly criticised to suffer from favouritism and nepotism. It does not give a clear representation of the entire population.
    • Random sampling- This method selects the sample units randomly. Every unit within the population has an equal chance of making the sample. It overcomes the drawback of favouritism suffered in purposive sampling. It is very difficult to achieve because of the time, effort and resources required.
    • Stratified sampling- in this method, the entire target population is divided into a number of homogenous groups called strata. Units are then randomly sampled from each stratum to form an aggregate.
    • Simple sampling-This method is a form of random sampling. It is mostly used on small populations. Cluster sampling. In this method, the researcher encounters multiple clusters with homogenous characteristics, and every group has an equal chance to be part of the sample.

    The method used to conduct sampling depends on the size of the population and the types of characteristics the researcher want to study. It is also very important that the samples are taken from the population of study. This will help the researcher derive effective conclusions and apply the results to the entire population.

    Our sampling assignments help platform help students solve all assignments and homework related to statistics. We provide the best statistics help to struggling students and those who don’t have time to do their homework. We are available round the clock; ready to deliver high quality, accurate and original content on time. We have a panel of qualified experts who will do your sampling assignment on your behalf. Our contents are;

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