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    Maple is a multi-paradigm programming language which is designed for mathematical computing environment. It supports mathematics and complex structures such as five-element row vector, polynomials of odd degree with positive integer coefficients and complex numbers. Maple has thousands of programming commands that perform import and export of data sets, creating customized plots and manipulation of mathematical operations.

    Maple software allows the user to combine text, images, plots, and code in one document. It is so simple and easy to use as it has completion features that allow the user to enter the names of custom and in-built procedures.

    Most of Maple users love it because;

    • Codes and scripts are written through ordinary typing in the keyboard.
    • 2D mathematical expressions that are easy to read can be included.
    • It allows the user to hide codes within the document to avoid distraction from the main points.
    • Maple codes and procedures can easily be converted to C, Java, FORTRAN, and other programming languages with no extra toolboxes. It has an in-built code generation tools.

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    Maple Homework Help

    Maple is a computation engine developed by MapleSoftDevelopers to perform mathematical manipulations. It covers the technical computing aspects such as matrix computation, connectivity and visualization. The Maple platform supports MathML 2.0 which is used in representing and interpreting mathematical expressions.

    • Our online Maple homework help service assist students;
    • Who do not have a Maple software needed to do their homework
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    • Who have no clear technical know-how in use of the Maple software

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    • Algebra
    • Modelling
    • Linear Algebra
    • Bioinformatics

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    Anova Homework Help In Maple

    Analysis of Variance is a method with a very powerful statistics tool used to analyse the differences in means among the groups. Developed by Biologist Ronald fisher in 1918, ANOVA makes the following assumptions;

    • Independence of observations
    • The distribution of the residuals are normal
    • Homogeneity- the variance of data in the groups should be the same.

    ANOVA can be used in the following ways;

    • One-way ANOVA- This method has a sole independent variable.
    • Two-way ANOVA- This type of ANOVA has two independent variables. It is an expansion of the one-way method. It is used to determine the relationship that exists between two independent variables.
    • N-way ANOVA- This method allows the researcher to use more than two independent variables.

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    Our tutors use a step by step approach when tutoring the students and are well versed with all the topics related to ANOVA. They can help you with topics such as;

    • Hypothesis testing
    • Probability statistics
    • MANOVA
    • ANOVA
    • Regression Analysis
    • Inferential Statistics
    • T- test

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    Non-Parametric Test Homework Help In Maple

    A nonparametric test is a statistical method that does not require data to fit a normal distribution. This method is ordinal and does not rely on numbers. It covers parameters such as mean, median, standard deviation and variance. Non-parametric tests are used when data has no clear numerical interpretation and has a ranking of sorts. It is very easy to use because there is no need for parameters. It also makes fewer assumptions about sample data and can be used when no information is available on mean, sample size and standard deviation.

    The non-parametric method applies on the following methods and tests;

    • Wilcoxon Test- This is a signed ranked test that compares two paired groups. It calculates the difference between each set pairs and performs an analysis.
    • Statistical significance- This test tries to prove that a result from a test did not occur randomly or by chance but rather is attributed to a specific cause.
    • Central Limit Theorem- This theory states that the mean from all samples from the same population will be equal to the mean of the population given that the data sample is sufficiently large and has a finite level of variance.

    Performing non-parametric tests can be very confusing to students since it entails both descriptive and inferential statistics. Students are required to be able to differentiate between the different types of tests and know when to apply each. We are dedicated to helping students solve their non-parametric assignment problems..

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    Descriptive Statistics Assignment Help In Maple

    Descriptive statistics is a method of quantitative analysis with statistical tools that can be used to describe what is contained in a data sample and provide summaries. Unlike inferential statistics that try to reach conclusions that extend beyond the immediate data alone, descriptive statistics only describe what the data shows.

    Descriptive analysis applies the following techniques when analysing data;

    • Univariate analysis- This technique allows the user to conduct an examination on distribution, central tendency and dispersion across cases of one variable at a time.
    • The Distribution- it provides a summary of the frequency of individual values or ranges of values for a variable.
    • Central Tendency- This technique is used to estimate the centre of a distribution of values. Central tendency uses mean, median and mode to achieve this.
    • Dispersion- This technique uses the range and the standard estimates to determine the spread of the values around the central tendency.

    Our descriptive assignment help platform provide instant, quality assistance to students struggling with understanding descriptive statistics in topics like:

    • Kurtosis- It is also known as volatility, it is used to measure the distribution of observed data around the mean.
    • Quartile
    • Coefficient determination
    • Skewness
    • Statistical significance
    • Frequency distribution
    • Frequency of exclusion
    • Symmetrical distribution

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    Chi Square Assignment Help

    Chi square is a statistical technique that uses raw, random and mutually exclusive data drawn from large enough samples and from independent variables, in measuring how expectations compare to results. It uses the following techniques in performing its analysis;

    • Sum of squares-A technique used in regression analysis, to determine the dispersion of data points.
    • Degrees of freedom- This refers to the values that have the freedom to vary in a study.
    • Least squares method- This method tries to find the line of best fit for a data set

    Chi square performs two tests:

    • The test of independence which tries to find the relationship that exists between the variables.
    • The goodness of fit test

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    Statistics is an advanced branch of mathematics that deals with collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. It is applied in almost all disciplines of life that deals with data, such as medicine, business, government, engineering and survey.

    Statistics covers many topics that are very interrelated, they include;

    • Sampling
    • Probability and statistics
    • Distribution functions
    • Random variables
    • Regression analysis
    • Descriptive statistics
    • ANOVA

    These topics require the students to be knowledgeable in the theories and concepts applied. Manipulation of data in statistics requires application and practice of latest statistical software like Maple. This makes statistics to be stressing and take so much time. Students have to deal with complex formulas, codes and large data. Students require some time to relax with friends and families, take on their hobbies and talents and do some part time jobs to meet their expenses. We have come to the aid of students of statistics by providing them with exhaustive, precise and detailed assignments solutions.

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