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    STATGRAPHICS is renowned statistical package by statistics students.It is used in solving both primary and comprehensive statistical analysis. It was first invented in the 1980s by Dr. Neil Polhemus. Since it was developed, statgraphics package has improved through various versions. In July 2012 the first version of statgraphics was enhanced. It was named stat graphics sigma express. This version had a pleasant user friendly environment, but it could only be used in two languages English and French. It had fast add-on options to carry out sigma calculations in excel. Also, it had well-elaborated menus with various sections to draw the DMAIC paradigms. It was efficient for beginners to define measure and analyze data. Afterward, in August 2013 the latest version was introduced by the name stat graphics centurion. This version is robust with a high performance of 32 to 64-bit power. It is versatile as it can run its operations through a web browser. The stat graphics centurion can easily import data from different text formats in a text editor. Also, it is designed to communicate using five different languages.

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