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    Probability determines how likely something is to happen. It makes use of the necessary mathematical tools and formulas to perform analysis and calculations of every situation. Probability is extensively applied in many fields such as statistics, finance, gambling, science and philosophy. Probability and statistics are normally taught as one unit in most colleges. It is a critical fact that students often face difficulties when learning about probability. The concepts are difficult to grasp because of the different outcomes that could be obtained. Probability requires a lot of daily practice to master and understand the relationship between variables, types of data and conducting the appropriate tests of proof. Students are also required to be proficient in mathematical subjects like calculus whether they like it or not. Despite the difficulty in probability and statistics, students are required to pass in their exams and complete the course.

    We at statistics assignment helper provide quality solutions to students struggling with probability. We cover all the topics related to probability such as;

    • Probability triples
    • Expected values
    • Inequalities and convergence
    • Distribution of random variables
    • Stochastic processes and gambling
    • Discrete Markov chain
    • Conditional probability and expectation
    • Martingales
    • Decomposition of probability laws
    • General stochastic processes
    • Weak convergence
    • Probability theorems
    • Probabilistic foundations

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    Probabilty Assignment Help

    Probability is one of the tools we use in our day to day activities. It uses a number which ranges from 0 to 1, where 0 denotes an event which cannot occur and 1 an event that is certain to occur. The following rules apply in probability:

    • One event or another must occur
    • Two or more events can occur simultaneously

    A classical probability approach is based on considerations of symmetry and logic. It relies on the assumption that the outcomes have an equal likely chance of occurring. For example, when a coin is tossed there are equal chances of it landing on the head or tail. This approach originated from the games of chances such as tossing a coin, throwing a dice and playing cards.

    Probability is very vital owing to its application in the following fields;

    • Weather forecasting
    • Population index and life expectancy calculation
    • Gaming and betting
    • Financial market risk assessment

    Probability and statistics are so interrelated that it is impossible to study one and not the other. Researchers use probability theory to interpret results obtained from statistics. Statistics and probability are very wide and most of the time students tend to miss certain concepts. Most students fail in their probability assignments because;

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    Probabilty Online Tutor

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