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    The solution concepts for static games can be further sub-categorized into following parts:

    • Complete Information
    • Incomplete Information

    Some of the examples of complete information concepts are rationalizability, nash equilibrium, and epistemic foundations. Incomplete information concepts can be further sub classified into Bayesian Nash equilibrium and interim correlated rationalizability.

    One more example of solution concepts is extensive form games. It can be further subdivided into topics like backwards induction, subgame perfection, iterated conditional dominance, and bargaining with complete information. Students often find it intimidating to work with Equilibrium Concepts for Games with Imperfect Information. But when you seek the help with game theory assignment from our experts, the underlying concepts become genuinely facile. Our game theory homework help experts are highly adept at dealing with assignments in signaling and forward induction. This topic can be further sub-categorized into stable equilibrium, the intuitive criterion, iterated weak dominance, and epistemic foundations

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    Signaling and Forward induction primarily deal with the way players analyze their opponent’s behavior and form a foundation for the future. Forward induction is based on the assumption that games played in the past were rational. Signaling is the feature of a particular informed party sharing its data with another party about the game.

    Supermodular games are the ones with the characteristic of strategic complements. This may mean that players are copying each other in terms of the urge for success. Supermodular games have definite static comparative characteristics and they behave similarly under different rules of operation.

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