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    Econometrics is a branch of economics that deals with the application of mathematical and statistical methods, tools, and formulae to test hypotheses and forecast future patterns. It is the science that helps economic experts to define various economic principles and identify useful economic information and patterns from piles of data. With Econometrics, these experts are able to define key economic factors such as population, capital, fiscal and monetary policies, bank rates, and wages. Econometrics takes financial designs, tries and tests them through analytical trials and then compares and contrasts the results versus real-life examples. Economists use linear regression to determine predictive analysis and solve complex economic problems. Linear regression in economics is used to determine the relationship between dependent variables and independent variables.

    Classification of Econometrics

    Econometrics can be categorized into two major branches namely, applied Econometrics and theoretical Econometrics.

    Applied Econometrics: As the name states, this branch of Econometrics deals with real life application of economics. It is the term that best describes economic branches like labor, employment, the price pliability of generic products, demand and supply chain, etc.

    Theoretical Econometrics: This is concerned with mathematical methods and statistics. It is used to state assumptions of a particular method and its properties and to develop new ones.

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    Econometrics Homework Help

    By now, you must have realized that Econometrics is not for the weak-hearted. It is a technical subject that requires much effort on the part of the student and a little help from outside too. This website contains all the Econometrics homework help you need. Here is a summary of some of the topics we cover when you seek Econometrics assignment help from us.

    Time series analysis and forecasting  Calculus of variations
     Estimation Stochastic orders of magnitude
    Pontryagin maximum principleAsymptotic unbiasedness
     Applied business research and statisticsProbability and measure
    Sufficient conditions Economics and finance
    Stochastic modeling and Bayesian inferencingEconomic growth models
      Instrumental variables regressionCentral limit theorems
    Regression analysisNon-linear in variables systems
    Asymptotic statistical theory Modes of convergence

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    Econometrics Online Tutor

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    Advanced Econometrics Assignment Help

    “Who will do my advanced Econometrics assignment?” or “Who will make my advanced Econometrics assignment?” is a question that has bothered many Econometrics students for years. We all know that Econometrics is not always a walk in the park. The subject demands extensive knowledge in statistical methods and computer science to successfully complete advanced Econometrics assignment. That is not all. The implementation of both computer science and statistical mathematics is quite complex. That is why we, at Statistical Assignment Helper provide an advanced Econometrics assignment help platform to cater to all students’ advanced Econometrics assignment needs.

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    Applications of Advanced Econometrics

    Econometrics use mathematics financial theory, and analytical reasoning to determine or measure financial phenomena. Econometrics specialists look at the designs established by financial theorists and change them into variations that can be easily approximated. When people understand Econometrics they are able to equate information into designs which help them make projections that can be used to support decision making in various fields such as macroeconomics, marketing, and fund.

    Advanced Econometrics applies statistical methods to test hypotheses, analyze the actual economic phenomena, and forecast future trends. For instance, it can be used to test whether:

    The value of a certain currency correlates with commodity prices

    Fiscal stimulus really boosts the economy

    The gap between the rich and poor has grown since the 1990

    Political campaign expenditure affects the voting outcome

    Demand of certain products would increase if the price of those products is increased.

    The most common application of advanced Econometrics is forecasting of macroeconomic variables such as gross domestic product (GDP), inflation rates, and interest rates. It can also be used to study economic relations, test economic theories, evaluate and implement business and government policies.

    Advanced Econometrics Data Structure

    There are three types of Econometrics data sets namely, time series, cross-section data series, and panel datasets.

    Time series: This Econometrics data set is tested and indexed by time. It includes values like prices, aggregates, and interest rates. Time-series data set is usually available at low frequencies, that is, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

    Cross-section dataset:The dataset is collected by surveying firms, households, or individuals at a given period of time. These observations are usually independent.

    Panel dataset: This dataset combines the characteristics of both cross-section dataset and time-series. The data set is made up of a set of values that have been observed over a given period. In panel dataset, the values are independent of one another, making it a more random sampling method.

    It is very important for students to study Econometrics in schools. The subject helps them to analytically approach and solve economic problems in and out of the school. Econometrics provides a model that helps economists analyze utilization of resources, revenue maximization and other factors that contribute to the growth and development of companies. It has led to an efficient and effective solution to economic problems and that is why it is such an important subject in schools. Here at Statistics Assignment Helper, we understand this and that’s why we provide help with advanced Econometrics assignment so that you can understand this subject better.

    Importance of Econometrics to a Student

    Econometrics plays a major role in a scholar’s career. Most good journals nowadays do not accept an economic theory paper that does not have an empirical section that validates the theory. Studying macroeconomics alone without Econometrics is pointless – It is like studying how to bake bread without flour or an oven to actually bake it. Economics students need to know how to look at raw data and make forecasting models that will help them make predictions on how the economy would behave.

    For students who decide to pursue Finance as a subject, again Econometrics plays a vital role. Finance students may have to forecast movement of stock prices or predict interest rates. For a student to successfully do all this, Econometrics can come handy.

    Students’pursuing a career in consultancy may need to study Econometrics too. For instance, a student may be required to find out the factors that are affecting the profits of a company. He can list down these factors based on his judgment on the business. Knowledge of Econometrics would help this student to actually test the listed factors to determine whether they actually influence the company profits. Listing down incorrect factors may lead to wrong decision making which may be expensive for the company. Econometrics therefore comes into use in some way in almost every field a student chooses to pursue his career.

    The importance of studying Econometrics as a subject is undisputed. Hence, it is expected that any one studying finance or economics incorporatesEconometrics in his field of study. He must be familiar with sampling, statistical inferencing, hypothesis testing, linear regression, and any other module that would enable him forecast the behavior of the economy. Understanding these basic concepts of Econometrics is essential for anyone aspiring to become a senior financial analyst or well renowned economists. Econometrics is an area that every learned individual should have some basic skills and knowledge of. This is because the subject itself can help us explain almost everything that happens around us in the real world.

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