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    Descriptive statistics are coefficients that are used to describe the characteristics of data in a study. Graphics analysis and descriptive statistics form the basis of virtually every quantitative analysis of data. Unlike inferential statistics that tries to reach conclusions beyond the immediate data, descriptive statistics simply describes what is in the data. It presents quantitative descriptions of large amount of data in simple and easy forms that can easily be managed.

    Descriptive statistics uses the univariate analysis to measure the following three characteristics;

    • Distribution- This is the summary of individual values frequency or the ranges of values for a variable. This summary is often depicted in the form of graph, histogram or bar chart.
    • Central tendency- Central tendency is the estimate of the centre of distribution values. Mean, median and mode are the three estimates used in central tendency.
    • Dispersion- This refers to the spread of values around the central tendency. Researchers use the range and standard deviation to measure dispersion.

    Statistics assignment helper caters to all the topics related to descriptive statistics such as;

    • Measure of central tendency
    • Average
    • Result based on data with missing values
    • Measure of dispersion
    • Variance
    • Density estimates using kernel-smoothing function
    • Bootci function for estimating confidence intervals
    • Percentile and quartile estimates
    • Linear and rank correlation
    • Bivariate normal distribution
    • Weak law of large numbers
    • Statement of central limit theorem

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    Descriptive Statistics Assignment  Help

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