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    Data research is an art of trying to get relevant information for the purpose of gaining knowledge about a certain phenomenon. Data analysis employs various analysis techniques to analyse the data and generate specific and comprehensive details and explanation about that phenomena. The type of technique used depends on the type of data being used.

    Data research can either be;

    • Qualitative Research- Also known as categorical type of research. It describes certain characteristics rather than measurement. Qualitative research is applied where the data used does not deal with numbers. For example measuring the quality of service received.
    • Quantitative Research- This type of research analysis deals with numerical values. It uses numbers to describe a particular phenomenon. For example number of registered voters in a country.

    The methods used to carry out data research include;

    • Questionnaires
    • Surveys
    • Case studies
    • Participatory research
    • Observations
    • Experiment
    • Simulation
    • Derivation and referencing

    Knowledge in data research is very vital to students taking advanced statistics course. Students are required to have in depth knowledge on the various techniques used in data research and a technical know-how in the use and application of the softwares used. A use of a wrong technique may lead to wrong data. Most companies depend on data while making crucial decisions and while forecasting and wrong data can therefore bring a company to its knees. Organizations put significant efforts to ensure proper management of data. A good data management system helps an organization to;

    • Avoid duplication of data
    • It ensures data is easily accessible and usable for research
    • Allows for validation of results while necessary.

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