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    Data mining is the process of analysing and examining large, pre-existing datasets to identify patterns and generate new information. The researcher makes use of software to turn raw data into useful information which can be used for forecasting and decision making. Data mining is employed in many disciplines such as commerce.

     The marketing team uses data mining :-

    • To come up with more effective marketing strategies to
    • To understand their customers and what they need.
    • increase in sales while decreasing the costs of production.
    For data mining to be effective, the data collected should be accurate, well stored, and impressively processed by data mining software. Hidden information can easily be extracted from large databases by use of powerful tools such as Rapid Miner. There are three main types of data mining and analytical software;
    • Statistical
    • Machine learning
    • Neural network
    These types of data mining software analyze and evaluate the following relationships that exist between the data;
    • Classes- Data is always stored in pre-determined groups called classes. These classes can help the user know the number of data items, patterns and traffic.
    • Clusters- The items in the data are normally stored in groups with regards to preferences or logical relationship.
    • Sequential pattern- This type of relationship brings out the trend and behaviour in the data set.
    • Associations- Data mining tools are used to determine the associations within the database.
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    • OLAP Operations
    • Correlation analysis
    • Clustering and classification of analytical procedures
    • Parameter optimization
    • Dimension reduction
    • Data cleaning
    • Data mining process
    • Data transformation
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    Data mining can be very difficult and frustrating when you don’t know the concepts involved. Students are required to be proficient in database management, collecting the right data, using and applying sophisticated data mining tools and performing the right analysis. The use of wrong data in analysis may lead to wrong information. Most companies depend on the right information to help them forecast and make strategic decisions.

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    • Data mining knowledge representation
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