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    Data Analysis is the process of drawing out useful information from raw data using various tools and algorithms. The information drawn using the various methods of analysis is used by researchers in making informed decisions. The method selected by a researcher to carry out the analysis greatly depends on the type of research and the type of data being dealt with. Data analysis tools work on the data and present it in a way human beings can understand. Data analysis is used in many disciplines; the gaming industry, manufacturing, marketing, government and health.

    There are two methods of data analysis that a researcher can use;

    Qualitative Research- This method does not involve the use of numbers. Characteristics are used to describe the data.

    Quantitative research- This method purely deals with numbers. It is the opposite of qualitative analysis.

    Data analysis can be broken down into four types:

    • Descriptive analysis- it tends to describe what has happened over a period of time. For example how does the sales compare this month from last month? Has the number of units sold gone up?
    • Diagnostic analysis- This type of analysis tries to find out the cause of an event or why it happened. Did the change of weather affect the sales of soft drinks? Did our marketing campaign strategy impact our sales?
    • Predictive Analysis-It is a forecasting tool and tells the user the probability of some event happening.
    • Prescriptive analysis- It provides a researcher with a course of action to be taken to counter an event. Like a soft drink company may want to increase their production in a hot summer to keep up with the high demand during that time

    Data analysis can be very confusing and challenging because it requires the student to be proficient in the use and application of data analysis tools. They are also required to possess a set of skills in analysis such as;

    • Have adequate knowledge in the types and categories of data
    • Be able to analyse data and draw impressive conclusions from the data
    • In depth knowledge in the various data collection techniques
    • Analysis uses a large amount of data and students are required to be experts in applying various techniques to analyse the bulky data effectively

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    Data Analysis Homework Help

    Most students usually fail in their data analysis coursework because of;

    • Poor writing skills
    • Unawareness of the guidelines required by the university while writing an assignment.
    • Lack of the necessary software required to analyse data
    • Insufficient time to complete their homework and beat the deadline.

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    Data Analysis Tutor Help

    Most schools nowadays do not provide adequate knowledge to students because they have limited materials, limited time allocated for lectures and a huge number of students. Data analysis requires optimum concentration because it involves a lot of calculations and use of complex software. Missing a session or failure to get a concept can turn out to be disastrous. Students cannot have all their questions answered in class because of time and the other numerous students who also want their questions to be answered. Some students also feel embarrassed asking a question in class because they fear how other students or the lecturer would react. They therefore keep to themselves and suffer in silence

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    • Analysis of variance
    • Regression
    • Correlation
    • Experimental design
    • Sample size

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