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    Business analytics (BA) is a method that heavily relies on statistical analysis to explore an organization’s data. It uses the available data of the organization to gain an insight of the business operations. All departments within an organization implements business analytics to find out new trends, explain certain patterns and in A/B testing and forecasting. Data is the bedrock of every organization because it is the driving force behind success or failure of the organization. Business analytics is greatly dependent on the quality of data obtained, skills of the analyst and the commitment of the organization in making decisions from the obtained data. Data is used by organizations to gain competitive advantage over other firms in the same sector.

    Threre are three main specific types of business analytics, namely;

    • Descriptive analytics- This type of business analytics uses key performance indicators (KPI) to understand the current position of the business
    • Predictive analytics- it predicts the future outcomes by analysing the trends in data
    • Prescriptive analytics- This type of business analytics uses historical performances to come up with recommendations on how to handle similar situations in the future.

    Business analytics has two main techniques which are sometimes used interchangeably;

    • Business intelligence- this method explores past data to determine how a department or employees performed over a particular period of time.
    • Statistical analysis- this method applies statistical algorithms to past data to generate predictions about future performance of a service, product or any change.

    Data is normally acquired from one or more business systems, cleansed and integrated into a data warehouse or data mart. The tools used in business analytics come in different varieties such as;

    • Data visualization tools
    • Statistical analysis tools
    • Self-service analytics platform
    • Business intelligence reporting software
    • Big data platforms

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    • Role of business analytics in an organization
    • Text analytics
    • Predictive analytics
    • Customer analytics
    • AWS analytics
    • Business process management
    • Supply chain management

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    Business Analytics Assignment Help

    Business analytics is applied in various aspects of an organization such as sales, marketing, fraud detection and supply chain optimization. It is important because;

    It breaks down large data into smaller form

    It can draw a meaningful sense out of the information provided

    It helps the management make an informed strategic decision

    It verifies the information provided and eradicate any form of bias

    Most firms and multinational companies use the following business analytics software to meet their organizational goals;

    • MS-Excel
    • SAS
    • Statistica
    • Salford system
    • KXEN
    • Angoss

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    Business Analytics Online Tutor Help

    Business analytics require students to have the skills and know-how to become data scientists. It is vast and covers topics such as;

    • Financial management
    • Business data analytics
    • Optimization and decision analysis
    • Business intelligence capstone
    • Predictive modelling

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