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    Statistics is a popular course across the world. It is one of the courses that record-high number of students’ enrollment. Many scholars desire to pursue it as a major, not having in mind what awaits them. Statistics involves lucrative positions, but that does not mean its’ concepts are approachable. For sure statistics is daunting with long data collection methodologies. However, statistics is one of the fields of study with two unique branches. Each branch holds a significant position while building your statistical conceptual knowledge.

    Descriptive statistics.

    You can testify with us, the first concept you heard in your lesson is descriptive statistics. It’s a broad field though its methodologies are straight forward to grasp with fewer struggles. Here you only need to know how to summarize and interpret given data. Also, have familiarity with central tendency measures and presentation of data graphically.

    Inferential statistics.

    Inferential statistics involves advanced statistical facets using sophisticated software. For you to crack any question here, you must be adept with hypothesis testing, principle component analysis, and regression.

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