What Does Our Biostatistics Homework Help Tutors Think Of Exam Stress?

What Does Our Biostatistics Homework Help Tutors Think Of Exam Stress?

Biostatistics Assignment HelpA little bit of stress is harmless. It can motivate you to knuckle down and work hard. However many students usually suffer high levels of stress which keeps them from performing to their best. If you notice that your stress levels are getting out of hand, find a way of getting help and getting it back under control.

So What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Stress?

Watch out for the prolonged or extreme cases of the following:

  1. Midnight panic attacks that make it difficult for you to get sleep or finding it hard to wake up in the morning
  2. Constant exhaustion and tiredness
  3. Aches and pains that you cannot explain
  4. Lack of appetite
  5. Losing interest in your favorite activities
  6. Increased irritability and anxiety
  7. Headaches and blurred visions
  8. Feeling dizzy

If you experience three or more of the following in a few weeks then you need to check your stress levels.

How Do You Manage Exam Stress?

  1. If you notice that you are stressing out, take a break or chat with a professional who understands the kind of pressure you are under. This can help get things into perspective.
  2. Do not compare your abilities with your classmates. Every student studies differently. Choose a study method that suits you better. Your timetable should be realistic and you should always stick to it.
  3. Get your diet right. Treating yourself with the right kind of food such as fresh fruits and vegetables can lower your stress levels. On the day of the exam, have a proper breakfast. You cannot think well on a light meal such as coffee or chocolate. So, ensure that you fuel your body and your brain.
  4. Get enough sleep: it is recommended that you get at least 8 hours of sleep for your body to function efficiently.
  5. Exercise regularly. It is a known fact that physical activities de-stresses the mind. Do not be a sloth because it can make your mind sloppy. Include exercises in your timetable.
  6. Avoid bad habits: Taking substances such as alcohol and smoking cigarettes only postpone your stress.
  7. Do not discuss what you wrote in the exams with your mates: an exam “post-mortem” can trigger stress especially if you find out that your answers were incorrect. Since you cannot go back and change your answers, steer clear of any after the exam discussions.

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