Raluca G.
Education: M.A. in Quantitative Methods, Central European University, M.A. in Economics, Carlos University
Statistical Analyst
I have been working towards completing my PhD in Marketing and Social networks. My major is statistical methods as applied in marketing. Over the 3 years I have been undertaking this course I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills in structuring and analyzing statistical data. I have learnt how to utilize data in identifying and answering questions related to the management. More importantly, I have improved my expertise in Python, R, and SQL.

Andrey A.
Education: BSc in Econometrics, Higher School of Economics, B.A.Sc., Quantitative Analysis, University of Cambridge
VBA, Excel, Stata Expert, Data Scientist
I am a professional in data science my core expertise being data automation, custom reporting, data optimization, data cleaning, and data analysis.
I have 6 years of experience in this field. I have completed an array of Excel automation projects for automobile and financial companies. My vast knowledge of mathematical economics and expertise in using statistical software has enabled me to complete all tasks assigned to me successfully and to my clients’ satisfaction.
I have developed various programs for businesses and individual clients, scientific and academic institutions, and some of the famous organizations in the world. I am very keen on data privacy, confidentiality, and non-disclosure as data security has become a real issue these days.
I have completed more than 60 projects on statistical analysis. I am proficient in Excel VBA, Excel, Stata, R, SPSS, SQL, MS, SAS, and Google Sheets. Looking forward to developing a business partnership with you. Am always open to complex, unusual, and interesting tasks.

Aram B.
Education: MBA in Economics, BSc in Applied Mathematics and Programming, Yerevan State University
Expert EconomistI am an expert economist with over 5 years of experience. I have excellent skills in Matlab, EVIEWS, C++, MS Office, and SPSS. I have successfully delivered projects derived from various topics such as econometrics, behavioral economics, industrial organization, and modeling.

Dimitriy V.
Education: PhD in Economics, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, M.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science, CERGE-EI, Charles University
Data Analyst, Economics
I am an experienced economic researcher and a consultant. I focus mainly on applied microeconomics, econometrics, and game theory. My primary areas of expertise include time series, econometric analysis, survival analysis, panel data, political economy, decision-making, economics of cryptocurrencies, mechanism design, and auction theory.

Sama K.
Education: B.S. in Economics, Technische Universitat Dortmund
Statistician/ Data Scientist
I am a professional data scientist and statistician. With over 3 years of experience, I have developed skills that allow me to deliver quality assignments and projects. My number one priority is my satisfaction. Thus, I go that extra mile to make sure that y work exceeds your expectations.
I have expertise in Tobit, Heckman, economics modeling, multinomial logit, probit, cross-section data, pooled data, panel data, data mining, and clustering. For data analysis, I use statistical tools like SPSS, R, EViews, STATA, Matlab and SAS.

Matthew H.
Education: PhD in Applied Economics, University of Minnesota
Applied Econometrician/Expert Economist
I have a PhD in Economics and Econometrics with over 10 years of experience in the same. I have successfully delivered projects that involved conducting empirical analyses. My major clients have been government agencies, academic institutions, and private organizations. My work has been featured in major publications locally and internationally. My work involves dealing with both large and small datasets. I am currently working as an associate professor at a reputed university in the US, offering part time economics and statistics courses.

Hayk S.
Education: M.B.A. in Economics, Armenian State University, B.B.A. in Economics, American University of Armenia
Expert in Macro Modeling and Empirical Analysis
I can work on different projects and deliver successful results within a short timeframe. I am a certified economist with vast experience in statistics, econometrics, data mining, macro and microanalyses, DSGE modeling, and programming. I am also deeply familiar with the most commonly used statistical tools and software such as Matlab, EViews, Stata, Visual Basic, MS, and SPSS. I have been working as a data analyst for the last 7 years and a part time tutor of economics topics in a local university. Therefore, I have huge experience in this field and can deliver any project awarded to me efficiently.

Phillip B.
Education: PhD Political Science, Pacific University, M.B.A., Statistics, University of Columbia
Professional Researcher and Statistician
I am an experienced statistician with a sound background in statistics and economics. I am also an advanced programmer with over 6 year of experience. Mostly, I use R for data analysis and manipulation. I have worked on several projects involving data mining for various institutions like the World Bank, United Nations, Eurostat, OECD, as well as government agencies. I have excellent skills in web scraping, economics and business research, and am a professional writer of both educational and non-educational documents.

Magdy E.
Education: PhD in Economics, Helwan University
Senior Data Analyst/ Professor of Economics
I am currently working as a professor in a highly ranked university administering economics and statistics courses. Some of the topics I have taught include money, macroeconomics, banking, mathematical economics, international economics, public finance, econometrics, environmental economics, natural resource economics, and foreign trade policies.
I have authored 8 books and some of my work has been published in educational journals. I have delivered numerous research projects on public finance, macroeconomic theory, international economics, environmental economics, monetary economics, financial sector, political economics, and economic growth.

Senad L
Education: PhD in Finance, University of Greenwich
Statistical Data Analyst
I have a PhD in Finance and a strong background in statistics and mathematics. I am proficient in using data analysis software such as Stata, Matlab, SPSS, and Excel.

Oleksiy S.
Education: PhD in Economics, Kyiv University
Professional Data Analyst and Statistician
I have 13 years of experience in data analysis. I have tackled over 36 projects involving economics, physics, econometrics, statistics, and mathematics for students and businesses. I use EViews, SPSS, STATA, R, and Excel, to perform data analysis. Over the years, I have solved many problems for my clients and written scientific journals in sociology and economics. I produce 100% quality solution delivered in a prompt manner.

Nanyun Z.
Education: PhD in Economics, MSc in Statistics, Michigan State University
Economist/Data Analyst and Consultant
I have more than 8 years of experience working as a data analyst and economist for both academic and non-academic institutions. I can comfortably handle projects related to data analysis, modeling, and economic analysis. I have excellent skills in data modeling and analysis using Excel, SAS, Stata, and R, econometrics, transfer pricing, evaluation of intellectualproperty, pricing analysis, quantitative and qualitative research, credit risk analysis, and much more.

Stella S.
Education: M.P.H., Biostatistics, BSc in Economics, Tufts University
Professional Programmer/Statistical Analyst
I have over 10 years in statistical analysis. I can help with the creation, execution and management of databases used to store all sizes of information. I have proficiency in statistical programs such as SPSS, STATA, SAS, MS, and NVivo software. Some of the projects I have delivered in the past include survey design and analysis, database development, trend analysis, descriptive statistics, prediction modeling, and regression analysis.

Alex M
Education: BSc Program Evaluation and Analysis, VirginiaCommonwealth University
Data Analyst and Researcher
I have 8 years of experience in data analysis and research. My projects have served numerous organizations including public and private enterprises, academic institutions, and government agencies. I use Stata for data analysis in conjunction with other statistical software and tools.

Hung D
Education: M.C.A., Business Analytics, Columbia University, M.B.A., Data Science, Imperial College London
Expert in Data Science and Data Visualization
I grew up with my dad who is a data science professor, which gave me passion for data analysis from an early age. I joined Columbia University and later Imperial College London to pursue the same. I now have more than 7 years of experience in data collection, manipulation, analysis, and visualization. I have proficiency in data modeling and analysis in Stata/SPSS, Tableau, UX/UI Design, MS Excel, and I go that extra mile to deliver quality solutions. Looking forward to learning about your project and getting the best solution for it.

Arthur S
Education: PhD in Epidemiology, University of Washington
Epidemiologist/ Statistical Coding and Analysis
I have 4 years of experience in epidemiology especially in cardiovascular and infectious diseases. I am currently working on a healthcare and clinical research project.
I have strong time management, organization, communication, writing, and analytical skills as well as project grant writing skills.  I am also self-motivated, intelligent, responsible and flexible. I have practical knowledge of various computer software such as Stata, R, SPSS, PC-SAS, and MS Office. I can therefore carry our tasks involving computation and analysis of complex data, database coding and management, and abstraction of medical records.

Marcelo F
Education: PhD in Statistics, University of Wisconsin
Data Scientist
I am an expert data scientist with over 10 years of experience in data analysis and digital communications. I have worked on various projects involving collecting data, analyzing it, and presenting findings. To do this I have primarily utilized Stata and R. My aim is to deliver a solution that completely satisfies you. I would be happy to be part of yourproject and work together to find the best solution to your problem.

Alexandra H
Education: B.S. Statistics, High Point University
Expert in Mathematics and Statistics
I recently graduated from High Point University with twominors in Finance and Economics. For the years I have been a student I have gained extensive experience in working on various projects related to the analysis of actual systems and models to obtain quantitative rational basis. Am seeking an opportunity to work with you on your maths or stats project. I am deeply familiar with Stata, SPSS, Matlab, R, and MS Office.

Cesar A
Education: M.S. Economics, BSc in Statistics, University of Oxford
Expert Quantitative and Qualitative Analyst
I am a highly qualified and experience researcher with a proven track record of over 20 years. I now own a consulting business that provides research and data analysis services to corporates, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions all over the world.
Some of the typical projects that I have handled over the years include designing and conducting primary and secondary research, interpreting data and writing reports, collecting data, creating surveys, running inferential and descriptive statistics on small and large datasets. I have skills in a wide variety of data analysis platforms including Stata, Power BI, R, Survey Monkey, Excel MVA, Survey Moss, etc.

Barry M
Education: PhD in Population Studies, BSc in Economics, University of Waikato
Professional Data and Demographic Analyst
I have a PhD in Population studies and BSc in Economics. With 15 years of experience as a tutor of economics topics, I have obtained vast experience in this field. I am therefore at ease with any project involving research methods, academic writing and publishing, statistical techniques, and data analysis and interpretation. I use Quantum GIS, Stata, SPSS, Quattro Pro and Excel Spreadsheets.

Sara M
Education: PhD in Sociology, University of Arizona
Data Analyst/Academic Researcher
I have a doctorate in Sociology and vast experience in data analysis, research, and academic writing. My area of expertise includes data collection, analysis, management, preparation of manuscript, creation of bibliography and publication. I am well versed with SPSS and Stata, which helps me in delivering outstanding data analysis projects. If you are looking for someone to help you with stats analysis or any research project, look no further because I am that guy.

Christian P
Education: BSc, Mathematics and Statistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Software Engineer/Data Scientist
I am highly skilled in programming, statistics, mathematics, and economics. As a friendly and efficient worker, I have competed countless projects in academic research and data science. I have proficiency in Stata, R, C#, and Python.

Ethan James
Education: PhD in Statistics, California Polytechnic State University
I have a sane background in statistics and economics and excellent skills in using programs like JMP, Stata, R, and Excel. I can comfortably create, develop, analyze, interpret and visualize probability and regression models. I have delivered several projects in Mathematical economics, regression analysis, econometrics, statistical computing in R, and advanced econometrics.

Michael H
Education: M.S. Economics, University of Bristol
Expert Data Analyst/Econometrician
I am a highly qualified economist and data analysis expert with experience in completing projects involving time series, survival analysis, panel regression methods, and predictive analysis. To successfully perform these techniques, I have used programs such as R, Excel, Stata, and Python. I pay close attention to detail when performing any kind of data analysis to avoid errors. I present the results of my finding in a clear, simple, and straightforward manner that can easily be understood even by a lay person. I have taken part in research projects involving flood risk management, public policy evaluation, and economic appraisal, just to mention a few.

Kingsley U
Education: M.S., Quantitative Economics and Statistics, World Quant University
Quantitative Finance/Statistical Computing
I am an expert in quantitative and statistical data analysis. I have more than 12 years of cognate experience in data analysis software like Stata, R, IBM SPSS, EViews, Excel, and Python. I know how to apply these in real life projects pertaining to business data, financial market pricing, dynamic and economics models, as well as academic research. I am self-driven, responsible, and sufficiently experienced to drive quality outcomes.

Sonali Bina
Education: M.A., Public Policy, University of Pennsylvania, B.A., Applied Economics, Stanford University

Professional Research Analyst/STATA/Excel Expert
I have been working as a data analyst and researcher for the last 8 years. I have coordinated numerous data analysis projects, which has given me vast knowledge on Stata, Excel, and SQL.  My work involves leaning raw data, designing quality control procedures, and analyzing the effects of policy changes. I am eager to work with you to efficiently and effectively serve your needs.

Kyi-Sin T
Education: B.A., Epidemiology and Statistics, Wellesley College, MSc, Psychology, Johns Hopkins University
Statistical Analyst/Researcher
I love using data to answer research questions. I have done this for 3 years now, which has given me extensive experience research methodology, and in particular, in data analysis and evaluation. I have excellent skills in data management and statistical programming using Stata and SAS. I am detail oriented and do all I can to produce accurate results and deliver authentic projects.