Jared S
Education: M.S., Applied Statistics, West Chester University,
Data Scientist and Statistician
Every organization needs someone to sort out its data, analyze it efficiently and produce effective reports that can aid in decision-making.
I am a professionalstatistician who has spent the last 8 years analyzing data using programming languages and data centered software to unlock the value of an organization’s data and help it make informed decisions that increase its productivity. Particularly, my primary goal is to help small and medium sized businesses jump start their analytics and reporting efforts but can work with businesses of all sizes.
My services include statistical modeling, statistical analysis, experimental design, machine-learning modeling, report automation, SQL Query development, database development, dashboard development using Power BI and Tableau, Producing charts, graphs, and plots, market basket analysis, heat mapping, and churn analysis. I am proficient in various statistical software and programming languages including SAS, Tableau, power BI, MS Access, Excel, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, R, SQL, and Python. Looking forward to working with you.

Yen K
Education: M.S. in Computer Science, New Haven University
Web Developer
I provide systems support, development, and design services as well as data collection and manipulationassistance to researchers. I have participated in projects involving scientific and statistical data analysis in various areas such as health, education, economic, drug, survey, energy, and environmental. I aim at improving environmental and human condition by putting my statistical knowledge into practice.

Courtney R
Education: M.S., Mathematics and Statistics, University of California
Professional Statistician, Data Manipulator, and Data Scientist
I have over 10 years of experience in data science and statistics. I can analyze cannibalization and market demand at a granular level. In the last 5 years, I have been teaching mathematics and statistics to college students as well as those in elementary school. I greatly enjoy creating automated reports in Tableau and Excel. I am an efficient worker who pays close attention to detail to provide solutions that meet and even exceed the needs of my clients.

Mehrubon K
Education: M.A. in Economics, BSc in Finance, Virginia Commonwealth University
Process Improvement Expert, Six Sigma Consultant
I am a certified and highly qualified lean consultant and process improvement professional. I have excellent skills in data analysis and particularly in Minitab, SAS, and Excel. I have worked as a manager in a highly ranked customer payment service in the US. My work mainly involves processing millions of customer payments and coordinating a group of employees on the same.

Duryea L
Education: M.B.A. , California State University, B.S., Computer Science, University of Redlands
SQL Coder, Data Analyst
I have more than 20 years of experience in data analysis, coding, and systems analysis. I use both creative and innovative solutions to solve problems. If yours is writing an SQL query or figuring out a formula in Excel, I can assist with that. Additionally I have vast knowledge and expertise in SQL Server, Hadoop, Teradata, and SAS, QlikView, GitHub, MS Office, and Excel. My professionalism, technical skills, many years of experience, and work ethic help me deliver quality solutions that satisfy my clients within the set deadline.

Andrei M
Education: M.A. Economics & Finance, Yale University, PhD, International and Development Economics, Northwestern University
Data analysis and Visualization Professional
I have 8 year of experience in performing various data manipulation techniques including extraction, automation, analysis, and visualization of large datasets. Over this period, I have gained extensive skills and expertise in automating data processes and designing back and front-end web interfaces. I am well versed on a wide variety of statistical tools and software including Perl, Python, PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery, C, C++, SAS, Stata, R, and C.

Afia O
Education: M.S., Statistical Science, BSc, Operations Research, George Mason University
Expert Researcher and Statistician
I am an advanced SAS programmer, computer scientist, operations researcher, and statistician. I have worked with various government clients in creating automated reports and implementing resource-planning initiatives through Tableau, Cost Perform, and SQL. In addition, I have over 8 years of experience in statistical consulting. My expertise in SAS, STATA, SUDAAN, MINTAB, SPSS, R, AMPL, and MPL enables me to complete all projects awarded to me by my clients and produce solutions that solve their business issues.

Marija J
Education: M.A. in Mathematics and Computing, University of Greenwich
Expert Data Scientist
I have worked as a BI/ETL/DWH specialist for over 10 years. My work includes data cleaning, data extraction, data loading, and data transformation. I have worked with a wide variety of ETLtools including ODI, Microsoft SSIS, SAS, and R as well as various database-relatedprograms such as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and DB2.
As a professional data scientist and analyst, I have developed numerous statistical models using R and SAS. My main areas of interest are machine learning, data visualization, and data modeling.

Carlos P
Education: M.S., Plant Pathology, Statistics, Biometry, University of Illinois
Data Scientist, Statistician
I am a certified data scientist and statistician with vast experience in data analysis. I focus mainly on databases, data wrangling, data management, and ETL. I have excellent skills in linear mixed models, hierarchical models, experimental data, machine learning, power calculations, design of experiments, multivariate methods, regression analysis, surveys, time series, structural equations, Bayesian modeling, panel data, visualization, and clustering. I have worked with data analytics tools like SAS, R, SPSS, VB.Net, ArcGIS, SQL, and C#.

Rebecca E
Education: B.S., Mathematics and Statistics, University of Leicester
SAS Expert
I am a professional SAS consultant with a certification for the same. I also have vast knowledge on several other programming languages such as VBA and SQL. I can analyze big data and interpret results in a non-complex way even to individuals with little or no technical knowledge.

Anne G
Education: B.S., Risk and Prevention, M.Ed., Health Studies, HarvardUniversity
SAS Expert, Researcher
I am a certified researcher who spent the last 7 years analyzing administrative data and surveys using Excel and SAS. I have also authored 15 peer-reviewed publications. My job as a health researcher has given me a strong foundation to perform various data analysis and manipulation techniques to solve problems easily and faster.

Tom P
Education: B.Eng., Industrial Engineering, BSc. Economics, University of Georgia
SAS Consultant
I have worked as a business intelligence consultant and SAS data analyst for the last 15 years. Most of my work has been used in financial, hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries. My major areas of expertise include SQL, SAS, SAS macro programming, OLAP, customer intelligence, business intelligence, forecasting, predictive analytics, SAS visual analytics, data warehousing, DB2, Teradata, agile project management, Tableau, and Oracle, just to mention a few.
Throughout my working period, I have obtained experience in developing and executing data analytic solutions including data quality, data management, customer intelligence, and business intelligence.

Eric L
Education: M.S. Organization Development, Oxford University
SQL/SAS Programming Expert
I am a data analysts and programmer who can process and review requests using SQL and SAS software. I can use Excel and SAS to create and conduct statistical analyses and research studies and perform data evaluations using inferential and descriptive statistics. I can also manage engagement surveys, data collection and data analysis.

Yogesh K
Education: M.B. A. in Systems Science, University of California
SAS Expert
I am SAS programmer with over 15 years of experience in SAS enterprise guide, BASE SAS, SAS information map, SAS MACRO, and SAS studio. During this period, I have undertakenvariousprojects including creating retail and financial modeling datasets, generating modeling reports using GRAPH, FORMAT, FREQ, TABULATE and SQL, developing knockout rules, verification rules, underwriting rules, and fraud rules, building credit and fraud models as well as creating and automating profitability analysis reports and early warning service reports.
I have a sound SAS programming background and proficiency in various reporting procedures such as tabulate, report, means, freq, t-test, univariate, risk, transpose, compare, FCMP, contents, copy, and export. Some of the projects I have delivered in the past involved collecting, analyzing, planning, developing, coding, and testing business objects and UNIX, Mainframe and Windows environments.

Olga C
MSc. in Economics, Universidad Catolica
SAS Programmer, SEO Writer
I have spent the last 5 years defining and planning strategies for digital marketing in order to position companies in the web and improve their productivity. I am also an SEO writer whose content engages and captures the reader. Other than this, I have worked for more than 20 years as business intelligence and information systems developer, my area of specialization being collecting, designing, constructing, and executing production applications. My expertise in SAS has been of great help in data analysis, developing programs and performing maintenance.

Sefan K
Education: PhD in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
R and SAS Data Analyst
I am deeply familiar with R and SAS programming languages. I have a strong background in data analysis and especially predictive analytics. I am currently pursuing PhD in mathematics and physics.

Dana K
Education: MSc. in Economics, George Washington University
Statistical Data Analyst
A professional data analyst who has been taking the lead in the development of SAS programs and enterprise guide.
I have 5 years of experience in creating car charts and heat maps from large survey data using Tableau. I wish to build and develop a strong portfolio in data analytics. I am results-driven, goal-oriented, and customer-service based. I look forward to finding out how I can be of help to you and working together to provide an optimal solution.

Marco Van
Education: Foundation Degree, Database and IT Systems Development, CTU Training Solutions
SAS Expert, Professional Python Programmer
I am an expert SAS programmer with 2 years of experience in the same. I am proficient in business intelligence and software development. My passion for programming in Python and SAS has helped me learn the basics of the two languages and successfully deliver solutions that meet the needs of my clients. Having trouble with Python or SAS? I am your guy!

Fabio J
Education: M.S. in Statistics, Economics, Kobe University
Excel VBA Programmer
I can help with the design, creation and development of Excel spreadsheets using VBA and integration with graphical interface and other applications such as Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. I have proficiency in financial simulators, calculators, automation of reports, file management applications, creation of PowerPoint presentations etc. I am also an experience college tutor who has designed self-grading assignments for students using Outlook VBA and Excel.

Matthew B
Education: B.A., Quantitative Finance, Trinity College Dublin, M.S. Economics, National University of Ireland
I have spent over 12 year working as an actuary, and particularly specializing in technical pricing. I also have skills in SAS, Excel VBA, and Stata.

Kassim M
Education: BSc. in Economics, American University
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Expert
I am a self-driven and proactive data analyst with 13 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research. I have practical knowledge in experimental methodologies, multivariate regression, developing and using focus group protocols, structured interview protocols, multi-modal surveys, as well as proposal writing and management.
I have a strong working expertise in SAS, SPSS, Minitab, NVivo, Stata, and MS Office. My all-time clients have been state agencies, federal agencies, non-private organizations, and private companies. Some of the projects I have completed in the past involved retail point-of-sale, nutrition studies, child and family wellbeing, workforce initiatives, and health innovations.

Gwen H
Education: B.S. Zoology, Cardiff University
Expert Data Analyst
I am a highly competent data analyst with 6 years of experience in this area. I have delivered projects to ecology, beverage, healthcare, and insurance industries. My services include generating automated reports to show data trends between variables, manipulating and bringing various datasets together, creating easy to read and user-friendlyreports, and data cleaning. To perform these techniques, I use VBA, Excel, SQL, SAS, ArcGIS, and R. I have strong verbal and written communication skills, am keen on details, and have great respect for deadlines. Let’s work together and bring the most out of your datasets.

Andrei K
Education: M.D., Medicine, M.C.A. Applied Statistics, Moscow State University
Senior Biostatistician
I am a full time biostatistician and have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 12 years now. During this period I have deliveredprojects involving protocol/synopsis development, power planning, statistical analysis reports, data analysis preparation, Bayesian methods, complex modeling, bioequivalence and creating programs using Python, SAS, and R.

Kelly Vinton
Education: M.A. in Economics, The University of Memphis
Senior Financial Advisor, Research Expert
I am professional business analysis and senior financial advisor with a proven track record of working in training, planning, and operations. My work mainly involves filtering, connecting, and cleansing huge sets of qualitative andquantitative data extracted from different sources. I also specialize in generating reports, providing data models, and creating dashboards using statistical programs and business intelligent software such as MS Power BI, SAS BI, and Excel Power Pivot. I am highly experienced in providing trend and statistical analysis in PowerPoint presentations and written reports. I intend to inject new ideas to your project and provide a solution that completely satisfies the needs of your business.

Piyush G
Education: MSc, Mathematics and Statistics, Cornell University
Analytics Lead, Project Manager
I have 18 years practical knowledge of business intelligence, business analysis, data science, solutions delivery, software development, systems integration, product management, and program management. Over the years, I have utilized major data analysis platforms including SAS, R, MATLAB, C#, SQL, C++. Java, C, FORTRAN, Pascal, Hadoop, DBASE, Cassandra, Mongo, Excel, SQL Server, SSRS, Cognos, Tableau, Business Objects, and more.

Shashikant K
Education: M.A. Business Analytics, Oklahoma State University
Expert Storyteller, Data Viz Professional
I am a SAS programmer who loves Tableau. I have completed countless projects for start businesses and corporates for the last four years. I have vast experience in data collection, data preparation, data attraction, data analysis, and visualization. I am a team player and effective communicator.

Bunyodjon T
Education: B.A., Statistics, Earlham College, M.S., Mathematics and Economics, Miami University
Statistician, Data Analyst
I love statistics and working with numbers. As a professional data analyst, I have excellent skills in SAS, R, and Python, which enables me to handle related projects efficiently and deliver accurate solutions. I have proficiency in general linear models, regression analysis, and experimental designs. I have helped scholars in writing research sections of their projects. I am currently undertaking a research project on the effects of malnutrition.