Moses K
Education: B.S. in Statistics, University of Nairobi
Data Scientist
I am a highly qualified econometrician and statistician, with interest in financial modeling and mathematics. I have vast knowledge in SAS, EViews, MS Excel, SPSS, Stata, R and Python. I have successfully completed a number of quantitative analysis projects such as conducing chi-square tests, checking correlations, and performing logistic regression. Additionally, I have participated in conducting various qualitativeanalytics including analyzing TM packages in R and analyzing tweets usingtwitter, dap, Stringr, and NLP. I am confident that I will be of great help to your qualitative and quantitative analysis project.

Mohammed A
Education: M.Phil. Health Economics, University of Utrecht, MSc. Statistics, University of Surrey
SAS Programmer, Clinical Research Statistician
I have over 10 years of experience in clinical medical management and statistics. During this period, I have worked with medical, oncology, CROs, and pharmaceutical devices. I have also handled numerous statistical projects using R.

Jaleel S
Education: B.A.Sc. Management Information Systems, Economics, Data Analytics, Northern Illinois University
Information Technology Specialist
I have over 6 years of experience in algorithm trading, web application development, and machine learning. I utilize R, Python and SAS, for data analysis projects. Am seeking a challenging opportunity for data science and software development.

Marc J
Education: PhD. Economics, BSc. Mathematics and Statistics, City University of New York
Senior Data Analyst
I am a highly accomplished data scientist with outstanding skills in customer profiling and segmentation, predictive modeling, sample design, statistical analysis, business intelligence reporting, marketing and business analytics, performance analysis, marketing campaign design, forecasting and visualization. I am proficient with R and EViews.

Borja E
Education: B.S. Mathematics, B.Eng. Industrial Engineering, Barcelona Tech
Data Analyst
I love undertakingchallenging and complex tasks. In the past years, I have developed interactive algorithms that have helped businesses solve complex problems. I am highly skilled in Python, SQL, R, SAS, and Machine learning.

James L
Education: B.A.Sc. Actuarial Science, University of Alberta
Expert Data Scientist
I have spent the last 13 years working as a data scientist in a highly ranked company in Canada. My work has seen me participate in various projects involving data forecasting, data optimization, data warehousing, Tableau and database implementation.

George A
Education: M.B.A. Insurance and Risk Management, Cass Business School
Data Modeling and Forecasting Expert
I am a highly trained project planner and manager, with over 8 years of experience in this domain. I particularly deal with the projects analytics phase, analyze potential risks, and provide recommendations that can drive solutions. I create andimplement new approaches and methodologies to problem solving in order to improve business’ productivity. My skills include SAS, R, VBA, financial forecasting, and data science.

Karthik G
Education: BSc. Statistics, Oxford University
Data Analytics Expert
I have vast experience in data analysis, especially in using analytics software likeR, SQL, SAS, and SPSS. For the last 9 years, I have completed projects that involved data formatting, extracting, interpretation, and visualization and providing constructive insights that helped my clients meet their business goals.

Ida T
Education: M.S. Operations Research, MSc. Bioengineering, University of California
Experienced SAS Programmer
I have worked as a SAS programmer for 12 years. My area of expertise includes creating graphs, listings, and tables for FDA submissions, reports generation, and interim analyses. For the last 5 years, I have also written numerous SAS macros that automate statistical processes for various projects. I have proficiency in R, SAS, quantitative and qualitative analysis, Stata, SPSS, and statistics in general.

Renato Gayer
Education: MSc. Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cambridge

Professional Programmer
I have experience in automating processes using R, VBA, VBS, and several other office tools, creating automated management reports (HTML,VBS), creating and validating databases in SAS, and developing dynamic databases (ACCESS, SAS). I have worked as a VBS and VBA consultant for 5 years.

Marcel T
Education: BSc. Economics, University of Greenwich
Data Scientist
I have more than 10 years of experience in developing, managing, and taking care of databases. I work with R, Excel, SAS, QlikSense, QlikView, SQL, Python, and Business Object to analyze data and generate reports.

Benoit T
Education: BSc. Statistics, West Chester University
Data Scientist and Engineer
I am a certified data analyst with working experience of about 6 years. I utilize the most commonly used statistical tools like R, VA, SQL, Tableau etc. to analyze data, create representations and produce reports.

Godwill G
Education: B.S. Actuarial science, Financial Mathematics, KwaZulu University
Statistical Data Analyst
I have over 6 years of experience in statistical analysis and information management. My all-time tools of trade have been R, Excel, SPSS, SQL, and SAS. I particularly specialize in retail and wholesale credit analysis, regression analysis, derivative pricing, time series analysis, and financial modeling. If you are stuck with any project related to data management, contact me so that we can figure out how I can provide a solution for you.

Robert S
Education: M.S. Mathematics, Benedictine University, B.A.Sc. Predictive Analysis, DePaul University
Data Analyst
I am an experienced data analyst with excellent skills in modeling, statistics, coding, marketing, and economics. I can comfortably perform any data analytics process using R, SPSS, Oracle SQL,, Excel, and SAS. My vast knowledge in these statistical tools and software enables me to work efficiently with large and complex sets of data.

Almantas D
Education: M.C.A. Applied Mathematics, Vilnius University
Senior Data Analyst, Researcher
I have worked in the banking industry for 10 years, which has given me enough experience in data analysis. I have participated in a number of projects as a developer, tester, data warehouse designer, analysts, and project team leader. I am proficient in R, data analysis, data extracting, transformation, and loading, business analysis, and data warehousing.

Khaled I
Education: B.A., Biostatistics and Epidemiology, American University
Data Scientist
I love exploring data and the information contained in it to perform analyses that bring forth accurate results.
I am a highly qualified and skilled scientist and quantitative data analyst with 4 years of experience in research methodologies and statistical consulting. I have worked on various projects involving data management, data collection, data analysis, data visualization, and reports generation. Some of the techniques I have performed during the completion of these projects include mixed linear models, logistic regression, principle and factorial component analysis, clustering, psychometric analyses, and many others. I mainly use R and EViews. My analyses have been published in major journals.

Falguni B
Education: M.S. Mathematics and Statistics, University of West London
Senior Data Analyst
I have more than 15 years of experience in advanced data analytics, market research, and customer insight. My projects have served various industries including finance, operations, sales, and marketing. I have provided solutions to multiple business issues by defining the problem, providing the best solution, and implementing he solution by demonstrating its impact to the business in terms of cost reduction, sales generation, and revenue increase. I have practical knowledge in R, SQL, MS, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Office, Stat pointStat graphics, Stata, and several other statistical tools and software.

Liting M
Education: B.S. Statistics, University of Delaware
Business Analyst, Market Researcher
I have been working as a project management assistant and executive business analysts for the past five years. My main area of expertise is market research and I have undertaken several research projects regarding quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis using R.

Leslie H
Education: B.A., Information Technology, Florida State University
Data Clerk, Data Manipulation Expert
I am highly skilled in data formatting using MS Excel. I can work fast with data and produce accurate results within a short timeframe. Other skills that help me deliver quality solutions include data cleansing, data analytics R, STATA and SPSS.

Jumanazar R
Education: B.B.A Economics, West Chester University
Predictive Analytics Developer, Business Intelligence Professional
I have worked with a business intelligence company for 4 years, which has given me vast experience and expertise in Qlik and Business Intelligence platforms. I have integrated R and Qlik tools to perform cash flow analysis, sales analysis, stock analysis, and many other data analysis process. I am very skilled in manipulating data and creating predictive models using R. I am also well versed in creating reports using Rmarkdown, and developing outstanding web applications using Rstudio.

Zwele L
Education: B.Com. Management Information Systems, University of KwaZulu
Expert Data Analyst
I have gained extensive experience in data analysis from working in a telecommunications company. I am highly skilled in data analysis, business processes, Linux system administration, Oracle database, and databases. I can deliver quality solutions using R and MS Excel.

Kevin C
Education: B.S. Mathematics and Statistics, Florida State University
Data Analyst, Excel Developer
I am a competent programmer with extensive experience in data analysis. I can create excellent Excel spreadsheets and models for various projects. I have proficiency in R, Python, SPSS, and Excel VBA.

Jerry W
Education: M.S. Applied Mathematics, University of North Carolina
Statistician and Programmer
I have worked as a data scientist, financial modeler, biostatistician, and statistical programmer since 2008. This has given me a strong foundation in data modeling and R coding. I intend to use these in your project in order to give quality deliverables and help you solve your business problem. In addition, working under strict deadlines has given me excellent time management and organization skills, given me self-control when working under pressure, and improved my overall performance.

Education: B.A. Business Information Systems, Dublin Business School
Senior Data Analyst
I am a highly efficient data science professional with vast knowledge of R software. I possess strong problem solving and analytical thinking capabilities and am always looking for new challenges to enhance my profession. I am comfortable and confident when working as a team and interacting with personnel of different management levels. I enjoy providing solutions that increase the efficiency of business processes in order to achieve its targets. I specialize in business information systems, information technology, process development, relationship management, communication, time management, statistical reporting as well as training and development.

Jesse D
Education: PhD. Mathematics, Brown University
Mathematics and Statistics Expert
I have more than 6 years of experience working with R and SAS software. I am therefore deeply familiar with the most commonly used syntax including FROM, SQL SELECT, GROUP BY, WHERE, ORDER BY and CREATE TABLE.  I have used various parts of SAS such as macros, PROC IML, PROC APPEND. I have also worked as an academic researcher for over 15 years  and have utilized Python, C and Maxima in my research.

Suzie F
Education: MSc. Statistics and Operations Research, University of Melbourne
Data Analyst
I am a certified statistician with 12 years of experience in predictive statistical modeling. I can perform a variety of data manipulation techniques such as data collection, data analyzing and data presentation. I am very skilled in R.

Avik D
Education: M.S. Business Analytics, Cambridge University
Data Analytics Expert
I love analyzing data and telling stories from it. I have done this for over 7 years, which has given me enough experience in the same. I would love to work with you and provide help in your R projects.

Ping C
Education: M.S. Computer Science, BSc. Statistics, University of Wisconsin
Data Visualization Expert, Data Analyst
I have worked with large research institutes and healthcare providers as a senior data analyst for the past 15 years. My work involves conducting statistical analysis using R and data management, generating reports that monitor data quality and integrity, conducting pre-trial statistical analyses, and providing statistical consulting.

Troy A
Education: PhD. Finance, University of North Dakota, B.S. Computer Science, Indiana University
Senior Data Analytics/ Business Intelligence Consultant
I am an extensively qualified business intelligence consultant and data scientist. My expertise lies in business intelligence, statistical computing, and data analysis using R. My work has served manufacturing, insurance, and banking industries as well as academic institutions. Some of the projects that I have completed recently include creation of data warehouse, dashboards, and Tableaus workbooks, clustering, implementation of data warehouses, and more.

Daniel L
Education: M.S. Statistics, University of Pittsburgh
Data Scientist, Statistician
I have spent more than 9 years working as a data scientist in insurance, agriculture, and health industries. During this period, I have gained excellent skills in hypotheses testing, statistical programming, predictive modeling, and experimental design. My statistical tools and software of choice include R and SPSS. If you need statistical consulting or have a project that demands serious data analysis, you can contact me.